Healthy School Lunches

Five Brown-Bag Lunches for A Healthier You

Healthy School Lunches

Jillian Wilson, Staff Writer

Eating healthy is important, but kind of hard for picky eaters. It is especially hard to pack healthy school lunches. Here is a list of 5 healthy school bagged lunches and how to make them. 

Lunch number one: parfait. In the lunch box, pack a container of vanilla yogurt, granola and one or two fruit(s). When it’s time for lunch, put the granola and fruit in the yogurt. Mix it around, and the parfait is made! For a side, pack some almonds, which are a great source of protein, and/or some grapes, which are a great source of vitamin C. 

Lunch number two: Cucumber Sandwiches. Start by mixing eight ounces of cream cheese with one packet of Italian Seasoning. Next, spread the cream cheese mixture on a piece of rye bread. Then, put on the cucumbers. Spread the rest of the cream cheese mixture on another slice of rye bread and sandwich them together. Add a side of apple slices with either peanut butter or caramel.

Lunch number three: Bagel and spread. Take a bagel and cut it in half lengthwise, Spread peanut butter on both halves. Slice up a banana and put the slices on top of the peanut butter. Sandwich the pieces together. Pack a side of strawberries and/or yogurt.

Lunch number four: Apple sandwich. To begin, toast two pieces of bread. Spread either Nutella or peanut butter on both slices. Cut up an apple and put the slices on the toast. Sandwich the slices together. Pair this with a side of carrots and either ranch or hummus. 

Lunch number five: ham and cheese pinwheels. Start by taking a tortilla and place ham and cheese on it. Roll up the tortilla and cut it into pieces that look like sushi rolls. Pack a dressing in a separate container to dip the pinwheels in. For a side, pack a Nature Valley granola bar, or a Kind bar.

Mix up lunch ingredients and create new healthy recipes. The possibilities are endless. Happy packing!