Path to the Playoffs

The New Kent Lions have won the district championship twice out of the last three years.  They’ve only lost one game this season and they have one left until the playoffs and they’re looking to win it and eventually go onto win the championship.  They have a really good team again this year, with one of the best offensive lines in New Kent history. They did lose their starting quarterback and linebacker in Khoen Christian with a season-ending broken leg which has hurt

them offensively and defensively.  The only team that seemed to be a challenge to them was Hornsby, which they lost to and is who they will probably play in the championship. 

The morale is high after their last win over Queens Lake.  Their next game is 10-15-19 against Grafton it’s their second to last game and they’re looking to win it. Their last game is against Toano.  After that their playoff run begins. They’ve lost coaching staff in past years so the play calling is different and the coaches are less experienced.  They have a good defense their offense is really good especially their offensive line. Their running is good but they lack a true quarterback to throw the football effectively. 

This is what coach Mr. McPherson had to say on the questions we asked him. Question 1, How Good do you think the football team is? His response, “ I think the team is better than their record (5-1) which is pretty good.” Question 2, What are the athletes working on? His response is, “ Self improvement, In all senses of the phrase.” Question 3, What are the teams strong points? His response, “ The team has very few interpersonal conflicts, creating a strong bond or brotherhood.” Question 4, What’s the team’s biggest weak points? His response, “ We lack depth in the size and numbers of players, Injuries can really cripple us.” Question 5, What did the coaches do different this year? His response, “ Much of the strategy and practice scheduling is identical to last years, If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” Question 6, Any changes to the coaching/staff or playbooks? We lost 3 great coaches over our summer break, Luckily we had Mr.Yates join us and share his experience with us. Our playbook is flexible towards our opponents.”

Their path to the playoffs will be lead by Aquavious Dunbar. He is a great leader for the team and he can easily take us far. They will need to run more passing plays than we have been the main offense will be running plays. They have more running plays than passing plays. We have effective runs, but the teams we have already played will catch on.