Non-School Sports

Extreme and Subtle Options for Athletes Outside of NKMS

Morgan Shalasny, Staff Writer


Photo by Max Kukurudziak on  Unsplash

Wakeboarding has been a “sport” since the 1900’s but is not very popular in the US. One of the reasons being schools might not have enough money to pay for the equipment of wakeboarding.  Schools too might not have water near them or not enough kids knowing the sport and not being able to afford the lessons required to be competitive.


According to the AF Wake website lessons per hour on your own boat is $75 dollars per person but on an official AF Wake boat it is $125 per person. Wakeboards are also expensive cheap wakeboards are mostly over $100. On top of that the good wakeboard boats are really expensive.

Snowboarding is not a school sport in most districts. One of the reasons could be because most schools don’t have snow year around. You also might not be able to get other schools to compete against you.

Snowboarders might get hurt and they would blame on the school most of the time. Snowboarding lessons cost a lot of money and the school probably can’t afford it. A snowboard might cost a lot and the school can’t afford that.