School Food and How We Look At It

Changing the way we see school food.


Faith Turner, Jillian Wilson, Allie Brooks, Olivia Scott, Staff Writers

Many students think that school food is the grossest thing on the planet. After talking to our Cafeteria Staff, we learned that there are so many yummy options that we can eat. Students just purposely choose to find bad food so we can make fun of it. It is not the food that needs to change, it is the way that we look at it. 


     We got the chance to speak to our own Cafeteria Staff one day and they were able to fill us in on some of the ins and outs of our food service. One of these kind ladies told us that “We have like, 17 different options………On an average day, we have about seven different combinations to make a meal.” Another thing we learned is that our Cafeteria Staff does not choose what to serve. Instead, their director makes the menu, and they must follow it. They told us is that they always have wraps, salads, and peanut butter sandwiches, so if someone doesn’t like what the hot lunch is, they can get one of those. So, kids don’t have to buy the “gross food” or “unhealthy food.” There are healthy and yummy options! They even provide lots of veggies for vegetarians.

   We asked some of our classmates what changes they wanted to see in the Cafeteria and the majority of them said more healthy options. While when we talked to our Cafeteria Staff they mentioned that they have lots of fruit and veggies. The problem isn’t our school it is us! Maybe if we looked carefully at what our school cafeteria has to offer, then we would stop complaining and more people would eat the food. Since most of the cafeteria’s funding comes from their sales, the more we buy, the more money they have, the more food options we’ll have in the future. 

So, the conclusion is, it isn’t the school food that is the problem, it is the way that we see it. So, next time a “gross” food is served in the school cafeteria, look at the other options for sale. There may just be something delicious!