Shoes Students Love

The Top Teens Love To Wear These Shoes To Pull Off Anything


Photo by Bogdan Glisik on Unsplash

Owen Vasek, Will Winters, Elijah Davis, and Grayson Hobson

Teens are all about wearing fashionable street wear and clothing. These are some of the shoes that are neutral to any outfit.

#1 – Stan Smith – Adidas

Starting off our list is the classic, Stan Smiths. These shoes will go with just about anything. Jeans, sweats, khakis, and shorts. The best part is that they are comfortable, and feel great.

#2 – Sambas – Adidas

At number two, we have the Sambas. Known as the classic streetwear shoe, even for sports, are not surprisingly a teen favorite. Again, a very comfortable shoe.

#3 – Air Force 1 – Nike

At number three, our first Nike product, the Air Force 1. These shoes can pull anything off. Known as being very customizable, these shoes are very well known. There are even different versions, low, middle crop and high top. 

#4 – Vans Slip On – Vans

At four, Vans Slip On come on our list. Everybody in their lifetime has probably owned at least 1 pair of Vans, well, at least teens. They are very easy to put on and are a comfy shoe. The Vans make our list.

#5 – Converse All-Star

Another very popular shoe among all Americans, especially teens, are the All-Stars. Shoes that you can wear out for any occasion, and are very customizable, are a very popular shoe.

All of these shoes are great, and will make about every single outfit.