What People Think of School Cheerleaders

Students Share Perspective on Cheer


Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash

Cassidy Larochelle and Jayden Hall

When you think of school cheerleaders what do you think of? Bella Sowinski says that she thinks that they are nice, peppy, and fun. Being a cheerleader I know that that is right because I hang out with them four days a week. Cheerleading at our school is not the most popular sport and it is because most people think that school cheer is not a sport. Two people said that they think school cheer is not a sport. Jillian Wilson thinks that it is not a sport because “you don’t do tumble and do stunts.” Which is normally the hardest part of cheer. Casey Lawton thinks the same thing but added “that not everyone does something.” On the other hand, two other people think that cheer is a sport. Alondra Nava said this. “I think it is part of football and that it is very hard work. Harrison Adams thinks that it is a sport “because of how much they practice.” 

 We have to cheer for four days a week for two hours and twenty minutes. That is not a lot of time to learn a handful of cheers in one practice. We started to learn a new halftime for our very last game of the season and it took us two hours to learn the first 36 seconds. Some people only have good thoughts about cheerleaders and their personality. Grayson Hobson didn’t have much to say this is what he said. “They are cool.” Bella Sowinski sai that they seem nice, fun, and peppy.

 Casey Lawton thinks that school cheer is a step lower than competitive gymnastics. Some other people have mixed thoughts of them. Jadyn Hall said this “Most of them are nice, like 75% of them are.” Abbie Kegley has the same thoughts here is what she said. “Some are nice and some are snobby and think that they run the school. She also thinks that they are more snobby than any other sport. But they get a bad reputation from movies.”

 In conclusion everyone has mixed thoughts on school cheerleaders and the sport. Also, some people have the same thoughts as other people. If you ever meet one then you should see what you think of them. Maybe it will be different than peoples opinion in my school.