Views on Vapes

Students and Teachers Give Input on the Dangers of Vapign


Photo by Rist Art on Unsplash

Morgan Schlasany, Madison Johnson, Mackenzie Loveland, and Ashlyn Kramer

Most young kids don’t know the dangers of vaping. Kids nowadays think its cool to vape. Kids will go to the bathrooms to vape. Sometimes possibly on the bus. Many of them don’t realize that they’re killing themselves by doing this.

Every year thousands of kids die from vaping. Also, every year the numbers of death from vaping keep growing. So now some people are wondering how can just vaping can kill you? Some people even believe its better for you to vape than to smoke. 

In reality, vaping could be worse. It kills your taste buds and makes kids who vape lungs weaker. If anybody has ever seen the result that vaping does to your lungs nobody would want to start vaping.

                Vaping is very dangerous and bad for your lungs it kills thousands of people every year. People shouldn’t die from something they can control. So if anyone you know is thinking about vaping, start telling them the dangers and what it could do to you.

Below are some of the random responses we gathered during our survey on vaping. 

  • What are your opinions on vaping?

    “I think vaping is a horrible habit to pick up on as a kid.”

  • Do you know anyone under 18 who vapes?


  • What would you do if you saw a teenager vaping?

“I would explain to them that people don’t know the long term effects. So, at least wait to vape so you know the effects in the future.”


  • How do you think vaping affects people’s health?


“I think it will be pretty bad because it’s killing people now and they just started.”

  • Do you vape or have you ever vaped?

“No, never had never will.”

  • If you are a parent would you ever allow your teen to vape or if you are a teen is vaping aloud in your house?

“No, it could kill them.”

  • Do you think vaping is better than cigarettes?

“I don’t know because we don’t know the long term effects yet.”