How to be Successful in Field Hockey


Jordan Lilley, Field Hockey Player


Field hockey can be a tough sport. Understandable, Peyton Lilley, a varsity field hockey player for New Kent High Shcool many hours of practice to get to were she is now.”Persistence is key.”Said, Lilley. Now to the main point of this article.


Field Hockey 101

To start off, be determined and don’t give up no matter what.

Next thing, have a good mindset. Also, don’t forget to love the sport. Oh, I forgot something. Practice all the time; even though you might be exhausted. By the way, try not to get hit in the shins, the head or any body part.


Attitude on the Field (do’s and don’ts)


Don’t have a bad attitude on the field or you might get a penalty card. Don’t storm off because that is bad sportsmanship and the coach and the team will never let go of that. Now if you have a bad reputation, then you won’t get any to little playing time on the field. Come on, you don’t want to be a bench warmer, do you?  Also, the team will talk bad about you and you will be a conversation topic. Just don’t be that person.


Things you need


Mainly, you need a stick and a ball. Brand and type are important. But, don’t bring two sticks to practice, unless you are sharing with someone else or you are a goalie or a field player. Also on the list, bring a bag with cleats (or running shoes, turf shoes, etc),  field hockey balls, shin guards, sunscreen and whatever else you bring to sports.


Now those are m tips and tricks for field hockey. If you need more info, go to a coach or another player. Don’t forget persistence, a good attitude and you love the sport. Also, practice and have fun. Thank you for reading.