Trendy Clothing Stores


Trendy Clothing Stores

New clothing trends happen every day. Some stores can give the consumer one look or another, but finding the perfect store that suits you is hard. So here are three stores that can help find an outfit that can suit you.


American Eagle

American Eagle is a store that can give you a cute aesthetic. They sell a 90’s look but they make it look more modern. Prices range from 50.00 for jeans. Expensive, but great quality. American Eagle is one of those sores if you want a trendy aesthetic.



This store sells skateboards and great attire. This store sells popular brands like Santa Cruz, Odd Future, RipnDip, and many more popular skate brands. I personally own many items of clothing from this store. Beware that this store also sells some explicit items as referencing marijuana consumption. So if you are more innocent, then you can shop online or not buy things at this store.

Hot Topic

This store can give you a dark “gothic” look. They sell piercing kits, clothes, and more. Personally, I own nothing from this store and I don’t think I ever will. It’s more of that goth stage store.


There you have it. Three clothing stores that you can consider getting clothes from. I hope this helped out.