The Life of a Jewish Girl, Anne Frank

A story about a girl who touched millions of hearts and still continues to today.


Olivia Scott, Staff Writer

             Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, was a huge dreamer. She always wanted to be a writer or even a movie star. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. She lost her life at age fifteen in 1945 were her ashes were found in Poland were her remains were burned. She passed away at Bergen-Belson concentration camp located in northern Germany. Her and her sister both took their last breath of air, at the shortage of 19 Margot Frank died of Typhus along with her beloved younger sister Anne Frank. No 15-year-old girl should never go through something like this, nothing this vial to mankind. But sadly this happened, at age 13 she was forced to leave her home in Germany in early July 1942. This happened all because Margot Frank had received a letter saying she had to get on a train and attend to a work camp located in Germany so Otto Frank (Anne and Margot Frank’s father) relocated and went into hiding in a very cramped attic that Anne called the “Secret Annex” behind Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, business which was located in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. But sometimes we have questions about this girl and her tragic holocaust story that touched millions of hearts and still does today but what about after the franks were takin into custody? Well, Anne, Margot, and Edith were both taken to Bergen-Belsen Westerbork transit concentration camp, then they were transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp then and the Franks were separated. But did you know Anne had a diary at the concentration camp she also had a friend at Bergen-Belsen concentration camps named Nanette Konig, who is holocaust survivor and a great author who had written a book called ¨Holocaust Memoirs of a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank¨ Nanette Konig also talks about the very last time she ever saw Anne alive she says she only saw her 3 or 4 times in Bergen-Belsen. Nanette Konig is over 80 years of age who now is happily married and lives in Brazil now says,̈ that her school friend, who was once “full of life” was “finished off” and barely recognizable.̈ ̈Nanette was from Auschwitz then in the very beginning in November 1944 arrived in Burgen-Belson concentration camp in northern Germany. Nanette recalls that every time they had a meeting it was super emotional. After Anne passed away in March, Nanette had asked,̈Margot where’s Anne?¨

Margot, as her eyes started to fill with tears, said,”sheś dead. ̈ Even though Anne Frankś life was very short her very last and possibly most famous quote was,̈̈In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart.¨ and also her very last diary entry. One of her dreams came true, even if she wasn’t a huge movie star or a singer, she became an author, a famous one after people found out what a tragedy and terrible experience she went through for two years and she ended up dying because of the discrimination against her religion and Judaism and this, of course, made the audience livid. Nothing could replace Otto Frank’s loving wife and bright two beautiful daughters, but Otto wanted to keep the legacy of his family going, he published Anne Frank’s Diary June 25, 1947, with over 1,500 prints in Dutch. Margot Frank had a diary as well, it has not been discovered or found yet. Anne Frank’s diary from Burgen-Belson concentration camp has not been found yet either. Anne Frank did not die in vain she was a bright young girl who represents no matter who discriminates you can not lose hope.